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Kristi T. Yarbrough, PsyD

Dr. Yarbrough was born and raised in Birmingham, AL.  She was in the last graduating class at Berry High School in Hoover and attended UAB where she majored in Psychology and Minored in English.  She received her Doctorate in Psychology at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, in Springfield, Missouri and spent her internship and post-doc years in Kentucky and Ohio.  Ultimately though, she returned home to Birmingham to set up her practice and has been here ever since.  

Dr. Yarbrough enjoys working with the full range of diagnosis and with all ages. Through her years of experience she has seen how much damage unmanaged stress does to everyone and enjoys helping people figure out how to manage their life, and their problems, more effectively.  

She also performs ADD/HD evaluations for all ages and spinal cord stimulator evaluations.

Dr Kristi Yarbrough

Christopher E. Litton, PsyD

Dr Christopher Litton

Dr. Litton was born and raised in Kentucky.  He graduated from the College of Mt. Saint Joseph in Cincinnati, OH and received his Doctorate of Psychology at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri where he and Dr. Yarbrough first met. He moved to Birmingham, AL in 2003 after spending his internship and post-doc years in Indiana and Cincinnati, OH respectively.  He has been helping patients overcome Psychogenic Non- Epileptic seizures/PNES, PTSD, trauma, and a variety of mood issues in private practice. 

In addition to the above issues, Dr. Litton also helps people who are dealing with chronic health issues, as well as counseling for a multitude of life's problems.

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